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What Is A Ceramic Coating Service?

A ceramic coating is a form of paint protection that is applied onto the paint as a liquid and bonds into the vehicle's clear coat.

Our ceramic coatings will protect and prevent contaminants from eating away the finish and dulling the paint. Things like: water spots, bird-dropping stains, tree sap, road grime, iron, and more. All Coatings are rated 9H or higher on the Mohs scale of hardness

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating


Protection from Chemical Stains


Protection from Harmful UV Rays


Longer-Lasting Coating for Years


Visibly Enhances the gloss

Ceramic Coating Packages

SUVs and larger vehicles are subject to an additional charge.

Level 1

Single-stage paint correction + IGL Quartz 2-year ceramic coating

Level 2

Single-stage paint correction + IGL KENZO 5-year ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating Process

Wax Masters Detailing is a certified IGL Ceramic Coating installer for Northern NJ, choosing to work with the IGL team was easy because they offer the best in vehicle protection systems for our client’s cars!
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